Sunday, July 11, 2010

You know the drill

No real Internets till we're all set up, but! Things are going great thus far. Tonight (Sunday) will be our first in the new pad and I'm deelited. Last night I wasn't ready to leave (and may have thrown a mini tantrum) but all our day-to-day living stuff was back at the apartment.

So! Here we are now. Harps has been a total champ all weekend (asleep in her CRIB, not a flippin pack 'n play, as I type), the weather has been glorious, cc and I are eating our nighttime cereal after swinging on our front porch swing and listening to a little rain, and all is feeling right with our little world.

Exhausted as f, so bedtime for mama. Pictures to come when things look purty. Muah.

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