Monday, August 30, 2010

Baby no nappy pants

I will stare you down. You will nap first, momz. Not me.

Harps napped a cumulative 30 minutes today. Half of which was in her stroller en route back from the liberry, where we picked up Madeline. And I somehow resisted a peppermint ice cream cone.

I'm lucky in that, even when sleep deprived, she doesn't really get too crabby. Just...clingy. So my arms are barking right now. Wait.

(And yes, she's cuddling a mouse in that picture. Which I guess makes me a hypocrite. Mea culpa. Also -- let's never discuss mice on here ever again, mmmkah? *shakes head in confusion*)


  1. I wish you could teach kids TAKE ADVANTAGE of enforced naps now because when you are 23, you will want to nap all the time, and you CAN'T!!!

  2. She looks SO much like you in this picture!

  3. christie10:57 AM

    EEEK! She's got the Cape Code sweatshirt on.

    *Heart breaks into a million pieces*

  4. Oh my i love this picture. And also jealous of your small feet. And I will NOT paint my toenails yellow.

    - your yellow fellow


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