Sunday, August 29, 2010

The elusive gigg

Ah, and almost-Monday rolls around again. All in all a productive weekend. Cooked/baked my face off: a Pioneer Woman's pasta recipe, slow cooker oatmeal with cranberries and vanilla, ginger snaps (used Alice Water's recipe - meh. I'll go back to Amy Sedaris's margarine-packed one, thaaaaaaanks), lemon/blueberry pudding cake, black bean soup, corn muffins and...I think that's it. I wanted to make a few batches of bebe foods, but realized my freezer-storage-systems weren't quite ready. So later this week, I'll give Biscuit a thrill as I puree pears and she looks on in horror/delight.

There was also regular laundry, cloth diaper laundry/line hanging, lawn mowing, floor scrubbing, weeding, and...mouse trap setting. Yes, it is true. We are living amongst some tiny furry friends. I cannot handle seeing another one waltzing around my feets, so -- certain death awaits. I kind of can't handle the sound they're about to make while I'm watching my programs. Choke.

And here, for your viewing pleasure, is another clip of our best friend chuckling it up. She smiles all the live long day, but laughing? Still a rare treat.

(I love how she pauses inbetween laughs to stare down the camera.)

(I have no excuses for what I'm doing in this video.)


  1. There are humane mouse traps that work really well! You can buy them at Walmart & put a Reese peanut butter cup (or cheese or both) inside them and they trap them. Then you can set them free out in the woods! They're really easy to use...

    Don't kill the little fellas. :(

  2. *SNAP*

    Too late.

    Woods? Are those a thing?

  3. my tummy does hurt a little now :(

    but yeah...woods...we're smack dab in a city. and pretty sure there are a ton of them in this old house. so with baby in tow, not sure how i'd get bunches of mice into my car and faraway.

    i'd prefer to have a big ol' cat take care of it in a circle of life kind of way.

  4. I'm not put off by many small critters and always try to treat the majority with respect, but...see me a mouse and I do my best imitation of a Wes Craven-worthy scream and jump 5ft vertically in the air. They gots to go! I say get a cat and name him after a Columbian drug lord: Pablo forex.

    And, HJ just keeps getting cuter and cuter!

  5. oh, and meant to say, these are great for storage:

  6. baby giggles! girl worked hard for those keys. totally. (hee)

  7. @l oh good!! i just ordered those yesterday on amazon. (and thanks for the mousetrap support haha)

  8. Ahhhhhhh Harper. Made my morning, thank you for that. She's still soooo bald, it's so precious.

  9. I have a sneaking suspicion that I am unwanted round these parts these days... mhm. Sorry for the suggestion, wasn't sure if you knew about them or not - some people don't, especially people who don't normally have to live with rodents (like us Kentucky/poor/redneck people do).

    And CC, Robert Frost says they're a place... and you know... he's my go-to guy for whether or not I'm justified in saying woods... so I'm gonna use him as my back up... especially since he was somewhat educated yknow.... maybe that will up my credibility?

    See yunz around.

  10. The only thing not wanted is the mouse.

    And... that has been resolved.

  11. aw c'mon. you know we're salty...

    it was just funny that your comment popped up and literally the trap went off 10 seconds later. but maybe that's only funny to us. ahem.

  12. ahhhhhhh. baby laughs. a little of me just died from the cuteness.

  13. I had mice in college (GO BU!.... eh) and we were told that they hate the smell of peppermint... so we bought some peppermint oil and put it around the floor moulding... we think it worked???

    i bet all the little critters are just coming in to see their cute new small giggly neighbor.


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