Monday, August 23, 2010

Hair azz

In a nearby town to the one I grew up in, stood a salon named...Hair Azz. It haunted my mother and me for years because why? Why why why. Was it supposed to be some play on the word pizzazz? Or...jazz? Or? Please offer any suggestions you may have. We'll be standing patiently by.


I thought you might like an update on the Cowan ladies' hair situation.

1) Harps is rocking an amazing mowawk these days. We call it the Kewpie Hawk, for obvious reasons. I fear it's on its way out, though, as her lil peach fuzz grows longer and starts to weigh it down. I will cherish our every minute together until then.

2. Remember how all my hair fell out? Yep, that was funz. Well, just this weekend I noticed the baldness was starting to unbald. A good thing, right? You'd think? Except that when you grow hair back from scratch it goes through a majorly awkward awkwardness. Check my new bangs! Hot, no? You love it! And so do I.


  1. Azz Hair? :( We have a salon here called N'Richments. Not as confusing, but kind of wonderful.

    Look at your baby hairs! I think they're precious.

  2. Aw, you and the baby both have little baby hairs. I am a definite fan of the mohawk! Wish I could rock it too.

  3. christie11:27 AM

    OMG. Why did you have to tell us about Hair azz? WHY? I am now obsessing over it. It makes me think of hairy ass. La la la la... moving on.

    We have the SAME hair. Same. After three kiddos, my hair is completely wonky. My hairdresser (bless her heart) just silently shakes her head EVERY TIME I SEE HER. I have about 2.47 billion different lengths going on.

    And HJ. I love you and your kewpie hawk.

  4. Anonymous4:34 PM

    You probably had telogen effluvium, which is when hair falls out a few months after a physical or emotional stressor. Pregnancy and delivery are some of the most common causes. The new hair that grows back is often grey/blonde/depigmented since the pigment cells in the hair bulb can take longer to recover than the hair shaft itself. Never fear, your hair will probably return to its natural color in a few more weeks. (Sometimes hair also grows back a different texture - e.g., curlier than your usual hair - this can be more permanent.)

  5. You know that thing that happens when people run their nails down a chalkboard? That's kinda how I feel when I see a store with a name that's a sort of a play on words, like Hair Salons called "A Cut Above", "Hair & Now,"...

  6. christie6:12 AM

    Just drove by a place last night in Dover called "Hair Everywhere." Really? REALLY???

  7. Rofl, dude, we have the same bangs! I tell everywhere its my "baby hair."


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