Friday, August 20, 2010

A handful of things

1. The downsides of cloth. Little piles of pee-soaked bundles all over. Also? We just started some serious nighttime leaks. I might have to resort to -- choke gasp die -- 'sposies for sleep. I know, I know. You're totally mad at me.

2. Teavana's mint cacao black tea is making my mornings worth living. However, if next time I go in (because now I have to go in again -- I've tasted true love) their salespeople try and upsell me with some "you need a special canister" bullsh*t? I will end them.

3. My Subaru is unregistered. I drive around like I'm ze Fugitive, one eye always swiveling around.

4. I chose a playgroup member with a Jesus fish thing tattooed on her ankle to make the comment that "This playgroup is cooler b/c not everyone is so religious!"

5. If you tell me/imply to me that I carry my baby too much, I'll probably hate you on some level. Heads up.

6. When idiots discerning literary critics say "Team Jacob!" are they serious? They're really reading the books for anything other than Bella turning into a vampire and having vampire sex? I'm confused.

7. Six.five months in and I finally like nursing. Long road, peeps.

8. I basically can't take pics of H with my iFone anymore because SHE WANTS IT, LADY, NOW.

9. Tea time.


  1. EEE that little mouf and face.

    Love the tile on your bathroom floor. LOVE.

    You can totally have my special canister. I fell for it and it's in the trunk of my car.

    PS - you do know there is not actual vampie sex right? It's IMPLIED vampire sex, which is the worse kind of sex of all. I already hated the books, but that really nailed the lid on the coffin. (NAIL. COFFIN. DOUBLE PUN.)

  2. She is starting to look so much older now. Less of BABY BABY BABY.

    Twilight....ohhh it burns. AGREE with Krista about the infuriating nature of implied vamp sex.

  3. i've gone from one extreme to the other...implied vampire sex in twilight to vampire porn in true blood.

    that said, i am def on team jacob.

  4. @krista - ooo glad you likey. it's navy, which thrills me because, well, navy is the best color of all time. i can't believe you let the teavana army get to you! i'll come grab your tin next time i'm in la.

    and to all ya'll - i've only finished book #3, so NO i didn't know it was only going to be implied. dang mormons!!!!!

    i will say, mic, that the only part that rings the least bit true is the bella/jacob relationship. so for that reason, i'll jump on his team, too.

  5. I too succumbed to the Teavana special canister. It's really, really hard to resist those patterns. I can't blame it on the staff, though, because I did it all on my own.

    Harper = cutest baby ever

  6. We're loving fuzzibunz for our cloth diapers - have you given them a shot yet?

    Expensive, but not as expensive as what we would have spent on disposables.

    That girl is SO pretty!

  7. @gigi -- aw, thanks! she's my lil hamzone for sure...

    i've yet to try fuzzibunz. tho i have a bunch of nice pocket dipes that WERE working at night until recently. (happy heinys, rumparooz, bum genius, etc...) i even stripped them down to no avail. could she just be a supa heavy wetter? er?


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