Sunday, August 01, 2010

Da Cowans hit da club

I've never partied so hard! Let's do this every night! Let's dance! Let's - zzzzzzzz

Or maybe we ate some spaghetti and played a board game at our friends' house? YOU'LL NEVER KNOW.

Yesterday (and today) we were slammed with housey things. Unpacking boxes and organizing the laundry room and planting plants and sanding/staining/varnishing furniturez and setting up the grill and firepit and new pantry thing and my clothesline and and and ..... apoewiurpeaoirear. Exhausting, but also wholesome-ly fun? Turns out apartment living is a lot easier than house living, but -- also not as exhausting. I mean good.

Luckily, we had an invite yesterday (we had PLANS, people -- it's a Christmas miracle!) because it put a solid, finite end stop to our projects. Since it's 9:06 pmz right now and we're still rolling (me cleaning the handles of the old bureau with salt and lemon and baking soda in my huge laundry sink, Clay putting together this massive kitchen storage...thing) -- it's good we had an enforced break last night. Was lovely to see other adults, see a gorgeous mountain view, get whipped at a strategy game I didn't understand wasn't very good at, and eat food not-cooked-by-me.

Only downside? Realizing those days of bringing-Harper-everywhere-at-all-hours-and-expecting-delightful-behavior are coming to an end. Girlfriend needs a babysitter (nooooooooooooo) because she's a real baby now, with a bedtime routine that must be stah-rictly adhered to dum dum DUM! So instead of slowly drifting off to sleep in a bouncy chair, while we chatted with friends and ate peppermint ice cream, she screamed bloody murder until Clay picked her up and let her party with the party people. Then? Then she was all smilez. Though she didn't do much to help her mama understand what the hell was going on win.


  1. Aww that Harps! Find yourself a babysitter without apology! The older and more opinionated she gets, the more you'll need one!

  2. christie12:14 PM

    HJ looks thrilled with your lack of strategy game skillz!

    And yes, the early days of take-baby-anywhere-without-a-problem come to a swift end. I don't think it gets better until the kids are 18? 25? Never?

  3. I will babysit when I am there.


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