Tuesday, August 03, 2010



So I gave in and signed us up for Gymboree. If you're not familiar, it's sort of like baby ...preschool/gymnastics/music lessons? I'd heard good things from other mamas and I'm always looking for stuff to do during the day, so I gave it a go. And even though the whole thing sort of weirded me out (creepy sing-song teacher who refused to speak in a normal voice plus the other parents didn't make eye contact plus Harps chewed on this toy and blue ink came off it), I signed up for it after our free trial. Because...I'm crazy? No, because I did like the songs and routines and developmental stuff it teaches and because it kills time and seems safe in a we-make-sure-pedophiles-don't-get-near-her sort of way.

But then. That postcard up top showed up. Telling me Gymbo (their...mascot?) says hello. And, well, that sort of made me die a little inside.

The back had a lovely (?) handwritten note from the sing-songing elf, telling us she looked forward to seeing us again soon. Clearly, this wasn't her idea and then the scary awful doll was on the front and *shudder* -- I just no likey.

And then. This morning I went to story time at our (within walking distance!) library. And it was great. Lots more babies, lots friendlier caretakers (lots were nannies -- but that's another post for another time), there were songs and books and...free! Free free freeeeeedom. Oh and no clowns. An unexpected new prerequisite for all our activities! Who knew.


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  2. Libraries are free? Then how do they make money? Ads?

  3. OH man clowns. Don't even get me started. I mean it's 2010, don't people know clowns are M- F- SCARY?


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