Thursday, August 05, 2010

Self-enforced timeout

Found this just-slept-12-hours picture. I used to be well-rested, guys. Wow.

Ze internets have been driving me batshitbonkers lately. And I'm trying to figure out why/what/how. There are blogs I read that make me feel good and blogs I read that make me feel, well, notgood -- and same goes for bloggers and tweets and Facebooky nonsense and all that. Since this isn't exactly "real life" it seems ridiculous to let any of it upset me, no? I only want to write stuff and read stuff that makes me feel better and connected in a healthy way. So I'm taking a wee step back to figure out what I can do to make it fun again.

Be back in a week or so.


  1. Hi there - I'm a daily reader and a never commenter, but love to follow your blog. Don't stop - you're so fun to read and follow. I'm not sure if your blog is mostly for family or if you are writing for a larger audience, but I have an itty bitty baby too and like to read what other mama's write. Not sure what's getting you down, but I promise to comment if you promise to keep writing.

  2. Please don't unfriend me. I'm just saying.

    Or at least without losing the benefits.

    Of tweeting of course.

  3. Try reading 19 century literature - it basically has a positive view of life and it is uplifting and full of adventure.

  4. :( goodbye forever.

  5. i'm really digging your photos lately...who's taking them? timer? clay? harper?!

    hearts. i hope you're back to blogging soon because you're my fave!

  6. Yes, the photos capture everything. While you're on break, just attach a few words required :)

  7. You do what you gotta do, friend. <3

  8. MISS YOUUUUUUUUU. Email later.

  9. Cheri H10:42 AM

    Hi Amy - I'm a friend of the NH Junebug and have been following since I got pregnant last summer... and am just a month behind you and Harps. Love, love to check out how things are in your life - sometimes life with a babe feels super solitary, you know?

    Thought I'd reach out as I've been feeling the same way lately. Stopped twittering, and have locked down the FB after one too many people I didn't know stopped me in the supermarket to comment on the baby photos.

    Anyways, I read a great book lately called "Simplicity Parenting." Highly recommend it (in all your free time!)... really got me thinking. I've since dramatically decreased my media input as a result. Sometimes you just need more space and good vibes!

    Sending along well wishes and thanks for all the laughs along the way, C.

  10. @cheri -- junebug senior's pal! :) thanks for following along and glad to hear you and the little guy are doing well. i love the sound of that book! queuing it up at the library for sure. i'm cutting back on my media stuff, too -- i don't want H to remember me always attached to a comp, ya know? glad to hear there are other mamas feeling the same way :)

  11. I feel the same sometimes!! That's part of the reason I took a two month break from blogging and reading blogs and twitter. It was awesome! It really was.

    I really really reeeeeally like reading your blog! I love Harps and love reading about your little adventures. Sometimes it's good to get away, right? Just make sure you always come back... it would be very sad not having you guys around the interwebz. xxxo

  12. Anonymous4:20 AM

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