Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sew whut

This was Harper's reaction when I told her I want to learn sewing skillz.

But...MOMZ.  Remember sixth grade Home Ec? When the teacher had to finish your stuffed animal project thing because you started sweating buckets and threw a fit and couldn't get the stitches straight? Yeah, I thought you remembered. And still? Still you want to try?

Yeah, Harps J. I do.

Because I need to sew you a Halloween costume, dudette muffin! Duh.


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  2. It's possilble! I was a terrible seamstress in HS, but I now have the patience for a pattern. (Although bias tape can kiss my A.)Last year I made my son a Max costume from Where the Wild Things Are. The pride and fuzziness in watching your kiddo wear your creation is so worth it. This year it's Bugs Bunny. His request, not mine...Good Luck!

  3. OOh - fun. Let me know when you find the time to do it! I bought a bunch of fabric for simple sewing projects (pillows) when the babe was still in my belly but haven't had the time or energy yet to break out the machine and all the mess!

    Good luck and can't WAIT to see some final product!

  4. Oh good gracious, I remember that damn stuffed animal project. I was supposed to make a dog, and it was horribly lopsided and the seams all ripped open. Same thing with the mini gym bag as well. Also, at one point I believe I made a blue, furry, stuffed foot? Why, oh why?
    Anyway, my point is that it is way more fun to sew if you actually like what you're making, so I have complete confidence you will do a beautiful job! Just don't dress Harper as a foot for Halloween.

  5. Ahh, good luck. My sewing skills are limited to buttons, pointe shoe ribbons or ballet elastic, and small rips. TA-DA. Making something? CAN'T HANDLE IT.

  6. wow thanks everyone for the positive encouragement! i like put things out on my blog so i have some accountability and a reason to get 'er done and post some pics. think i'm signing up for a sewing class down the street then getting rolling!

    and @ meredith AHAHAH. i love that you remember that class and that you reminded me about the MINI GYM BAG. hilarious hilarious amazing. how 'bout the strawberry scented strawberry?? ;)

  7. Good luck Amy! If you conquer sewing I might fly in for a lesson. Seriously.

    I think they taught the same home ec sewing class in NH schools. I got stuck with the octopus stuffed animal pattern. And decided 8 legs were waaaaaay too ambitious so it only ended up with 3.

    Give HJ a squeeze for me : )

  8. It's a grand tradition in our family, amy (the not finishing the home ec project thing, I mean). I think my poor mother had to rip out a fringe thread by thread on the weirdo scarf thingy they made us make in home ec...I say, go for it with the sewing! they made me feel like a loser in home ec, but, yeah, I can sew! No awards but I could make the costumes...mumster

  9. mmmm i loved that strawberry scented strawberry!

    i made a blue walrus in 6th grade home ec. also? i partnered with ian driscoll to make fried dough.

  10. Hot glue and fabric...who needs needle and thread?

  11. I have just started learning on my sewing machine (that I got for Christmas almost 2 years ago now!!!). I'm finding the key is to know your machine inside and out, and the sewing will (mostly) come on its own. I have yet to make something viable after a week of trying, but I'm getting closer :)

  12. YEA RED SOX!

    Also, I've totally been wanting to start sewing. I told my mom and she is going to dig up her old sewing machine for me... she used to make my Halloween costumes! Super cute ones too.

    I want to repurpose like my old favorite shirt into a new shirt for Lucy, or make myself an easy T-shirt, etc!


    Please post more as you sew!

    YOU SEW, GIRL! (that was the lamest thing EVER.)

  13. I think she's throwing it down out of frustration of Johnny Damon not coming back

  14. Dopey would be such a cute costume!!!!!!


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