Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weekendzone recap

Though our natural habitat is...inside, the Cowanz clan decided to escape the heat of the valley this weekend and head to the Rockies. We ate elk sausage and blueberry pancakes in Estes Park, then found our way to Bear Lake -- this delicious little clear circle of delicious. We big peeps weren't allowed to swim (sigh), but there didn't appear to be any signs about No Baby Toe Touching.

Look how miniature her feet are! Look how short my shorts are!

I want to live in that water. Harps might not have felt the same.
Guys, guys. I'd like you to meet someone pretty okay -- my momz.

I enjoy this because it looks fake in the background. Also because those two are tasty.

So Saturday was full of mountains and driving around curves that made me nosh and crackly NPR broadcasts while we sipped coffee. Today, we kept things a little closer to the homezone. Piddled around vintage stores on Broadway, tried a new brunch joint, then headed to a yarn store I've been dying (dyeing? har har) to scope. As we walked in, I heard Clay say, "I think she might be a little sleepy..."

Fabric makes me EXHAUSTED.

You guys push it. You really, really push it.

And then...we came home. Snuggled in and got ready for the week to come. Zip zip!


  1. wish we had video of the wet noodle sway she was doing when we were walking down the street

  2. the pic of harps and clay does look like it's taken in front of a backdrop. maybe for one of those fake magazine covers? loooves it.

  3. Blue Jean Amy, Just wanted to tell you that you've been moved out of the "Reader's Blogs" folder in my google reader to "Favorites". I think it was your crazy lingo that drew me in. Plus the pretty pictures :)

  4. FAKE background. Ha, we used to have this picture with the football stadium behind us and everyone was like did you photoshop yourselves in?!?!?

    Harper looks nom nom nom able in these, continue to love the leg warmers she's rockin'!

    What's elk sausage like?

  5. @nav -- woot! love your blog and love to see you here :)

    and guys...ever considered maybe i've stayed in boston this whole time? lots of fake sf backgrounds, too. something to think about, maybe?

  6. ...moon landing conspiracy angle. love it.

    that said, equally likely we're having peanut butter + fluff + banana sandwiches with an octogenarian elvis lounging on our couch.

    could happen.

  7. I will take a piece of every single bolt of fabric in that picture. Thanks.

    This honestly sounds like it was the best weekend ever. How cool that you can do the mountains and the city back to back?!

  8. Zoh! Everly has that onesie, too :) She's actually gonna wear it for her 2 month pics. mhm mhm.

    I like the pictures. Clay looks like such a dad... LOLOL CLAY WITH YOUR FRONTWARDS HAT AND DAD FACE/BABY CARRIER AND DAD HAIR.

    Amy looks like a mom but not as much as a mom as you look like a dad because her shorts are so short. I likey. If she was wearing high-waisted jeans she would be even with you.


  9. oh, little enjoys-making-subtly-hateful-comments kalen. *pets*

  10. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It is almost as good as being with you when I get to see the pictures and comments. I hope the Cowans become so attached to CO they will never want to move...what a great place for relatives to visit. (So the relatives say)

  11. if only I had a fishhook in my hat, I'd look like a KY dad...

  12. yikes! wasn't trying to be hateful! srsly thought it was perty cute. i really like the dad look where they're holding the baby & look very grown-up! i still get tickled when billy is carrying her around and has the dipe bag on his shoulder. love it.

    and to look like a kentucky dad, you'd actually have to be wearing amy's jean shorts (only they'd be frayed on the ends), shirtless, and smoking a cigarette with the baby on your hip.

    barefoot with an eagle tatt (like my dad's) if you wanna be an eastern-ky dad, more specifically.

  13. if you'd busted on my Starsky level chops... it might have been more fair feedback

  14. or maybe the polos-only dress code...? ;)

  15. i have those nikes ... they are awesome


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