Tuesday, September 14, 2010

End of the day


The hours of 5:00-6:30 are so weirdly exhausting. My face sort of looks punched by then.

Today was no exception. Busy, though in a nice way.

This morning = Bumcake and I were strolling toward the library for storytime when another mama passed by and kind of blurted out (when she was almost by us): "Areyougoingtobookbabies?" We were! And we did. And we sat together and had all these ohmygodmetoo moments over staying-at-home and nursing-past-6-months and dude! We live on the same street. And her munchkin lady is only a month older than H. It's lurve.

This afternoon = Lady bi'ness appointment. I'm going to a midwife practice now for well visits because, well, not to get too personal, but I want some non-hormonez berf control and regular doctors look at you blankly upon that request. Plus, this place is super cool and right across from a hospital and the only real birthing center in the state. So, when the time comes (NOT NOW NOT NOW NOT NOW) I'd maybe like to do my baby thang there, too.

Later this afternoon = Babyfriend and I were close to cc's office. So we swung by and showed her off and she was so happy and smile-beaming to be with both of us middle-of-the-day. It was awesome.

Later later = Pumpkin spice latte.

Evening = Start black bean and pumpkin soup. With H in one arm, squirming and spitting up prune juice.

Now = HGTV and ice chewing and Indian stylez.


  1. Mom Charming enters stage left! Yippee! :) :)

  2. Just for the record - 2 thumbs up for the stoup

  3. christie7:20 AM

    I cannot for the life of me figure out that pic. Deformed leg? Harper's arm? Alien? HALP

  4. Picture = Amy leg + Harper doing her Deion Sanders impression


  5. christie8:19 AM

    Okay. That makes a little more sense now. Thanks for that, Clay. I can sleep tonight. (Well, except for Libby waking up at 4:00 AM EVERYFREAKINGDAYOMGHELPEME!)

  6. @leo: *cue sleeping beauty theme*

    @cc and c: yep yep, she was just being a neon. and also my chicken leg.

  7. Like I said in emails, definitely glad you gots yo'self a lady friend to share baby times with.

    Also, baby books sounds like my dream come true?

  8. Hooray for a mommy friend with a baby lady! This day sounds pretty perfect -- and that soup sounds delish. Are you up to sharing the recipe so I can dazzle my family too?

  9. duh! just emailed it :)

  10. you are so skinny. how and why aren't i.

  11. @nik: um hi! i saw you this summer, so you can't lie to me. i know about your hottiness. and i'm chicken leggy because i never get to eat with grabby pants around. sad clown.


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