Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sometimes Mcdonaldz is okay

Listen. I try and eat only the good stuff. HJ definitely only gets the good stuff. But sometimes? Sometimes I really need some McNuggets. With honey mustard sauce. And a small coke. And a small fry.

Especially when it's one of those days (most days) when I've barely eaten anything past a glass of OJ and a cup of tea and we've been running errands and she's napping in the back and I'm about to pass out and there isn't much in the way of nourishment awaiting me at home.

After placing my order today, the dude told me I should "go ahead and get the Happy Meal -- it'll save you a ton of money." I'm not quite sure 50 cents is exactly the stuff fortunes are made of, but hey! Appreciate the tip and hey! Free toy.

Wasn't sure what it was, exactly, till we got home and I unwrapped it. And huzzah! My Little (seriously little) Pony! Childhood recaptured! I was thrilled, though Ham wasn't quite sure what to do with it. I don't get it.

Oh. Duh. I eat it. Thanks, Mickeydees!


  1. Thumbs up for McDonalds, mah friend.

    *waddles away with her nuggies*

    Harps is suuuure enjoying that nummy toy. :) Cutest baby ever.

  2. too funny, broke down and had some fast food - chezburger - yesterday too and for same reasons: hollow insides and no time between running to&fro! you must try shake shack the next time you're in NYC - delumptious milkshakes.

    LOVE HJ's rolypoly legs/arms...

  3. McDonald's is definitely a necessary evil! I had Wendy's on Wednesday (Not intentionally) and even though I felt guilty was delicious!

    HJ's face looks so...intelligent for an 8 month old. So expressive.

  4. mcnuggets are my crack. we live waaaay too close to a 24 hour mcdonalds too...

    just about 5 more months until the shamrock shake!

  5. Oh I loves me so McDonald's too (shh don't tell any of my fellow SF parents). They are just too darn convenient. And, ahem, delicious.

  6. when i was small and my parents forced me to play soccer, they told me as an incentive that if i kicked a goal i would get a my little pony. then it was if i TRIED to kick a goal i would get a my little pony. then it was if i ran i would get a my little pony. i ran.

  7. also harps looks supes cute.

  8. @matt - your soccer comment is one of my favorite comments on bja of all tiiiiiiime.

  9. Holy shiznat, those pictures of Harps and the lil pony and your captions made me seriously belly laugh. Nappy pink hair...ick. What a buuutiful little pony. How must that hair have tasted?

  10. You (I mean Harps) are SOOO lucky you got a good toy!!!!


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