Monday, September 20, 2010

Some pictures and some wordz

She is my pixie imp buttercup pickle. And that hood/ear combo is giving me some pretty killer LOTR Halloween costume ideas...

Our backyard tree. Half green half yellow half autumn half summer. Feels like the air should be nippy on my nose, but I'm still wearing cutoffs and blackened bare feetz.

Confession: I've tried and tried to make H her food, but it just isn't my bag. (I guess I still am "making H her food" with the whole uh chest area, but -- you know.) Buying Earth's Best shiz off Amazon? That is. Now I just need a project for all those baby food jars...


  1. they make really good candle holders! you can fill them with coffee beans (or other beans) and pop a votive in or wrap them in paper lace, raffia, etc etc Love this site for crafty stuff:

  2. I say paint them orange and pop some votives in them and line your walkway with them for Halloweennnnn.

    Or make a non-cruel mouse trap. Either would work, really. :P

    I vote Harper be an actual biscuit for Halloween maybe with like a floppy hat layer of cardboard wrapped in buttery brown fabric and some type of layer around her waist? Though you'd have to be careful because as I'm imagining it in my head, I can see that it could quickly go south and start to look like... well... a lady part instead of a biscuit.

  3. I was about to suggest candles as well but someone beat me to that.

    If you make your baby be a baby elf for Halloween, I will thank you forever and ever.

  4. NO WAY. Frame that first picture! The 2nd one too!

  5. I don't know how I came across your blog- but the Denver part caught my eye as we live about 20 minutes from Denver! Your daughter is Beautiful!

  6. I love those pictures!! So, so cute.

    I came across your blog from Jenna's, and saw you used to live in SF! Yay! :)

  7. @lv: ooo thanks for the site link! and love the candle idea -- think that'll be the winner. (plus, i just found these delish fir-scented votives..)

    @kalen: i keep wanting to make her a biscuit and altho the same lady part issue applies to flowers too? which i keep wanting to make her as well. god, it's all so confuuuuuuusing.

    @tales: woot denver! i'll have to stop by your blog (WHEN MY BABY SLEEPS IF EVER) and find some cool local things to do :)

    @kelly: haha so now you know some delightfully intimate things about me, ay? ;) hope you guys are having a great indian summer over thatta way!


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