Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jesse Spano or "I'm so exciiiiiited!"

I didn't really notice what I'd put HJ in until I showed up at playgroup and the mamas were all "Yes! We were just talking about the 80's!"

And yes, she's chewing on a cloth screwdriver. What of it?

We've got company in town for the weekend, so these past few days were spent furiously cleaning our pad, turning our office into an actual office (well, and soon-to-be sewing room -- gulp) and the downstairs bedroom into an actual downstairs bedroom instead of, uh, cc's second closet.

It's kind of fun to suddenly have two new rooms and floors that sparkle. Makes me want to fling out my arms and get all Julie Andrews in a field. Or maybe just Jesse Spano too hyped on caffeine pills?

Happy weekend, frandz!


  1. Love that colorful baby. She's super cute.

  2. How's playgroup going? I want d's. :(

  3. Ha, I seriously didn't even know they made fashion legwarmers for babies, this is an incredible discover. I've seen so many of them on babies lately.

    Hope your company goes well! Have a great visit.

  4. She needs a braided cloth headband for the complete effect. Too cute!

  5. haahah classic SBTB, needed a good laugh today :)

  6. What a lucky kiddo! Such a fun outfit.

  7. I totally remember that "Saved by the Bell" episode. Hopefully you're not quite so stressed as poor Jesse.

    Harps is adorable, as always!


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