Tuesday, September 07, 2010



When Clay's home early (or it's the weekend), I can actually cook like a person instead of a tornado. Look! I made pilez! (Mushroom and lemony and cheesey parts for pasta courtsey of Sir Jamie Oliver Lovebutt.)

I LOVE APRONS. I want to own enough of 'em that I can just strap one on in the morning and go about my bi'ness. My friend Caroline made me this one back in the day. Still one of my favorites. Today it got covered in pears while I made, well, pear bread. I think HJ needs one, too.


  1. as always, please send recipe!

    i always make little piles, no matter if i'm cooking, cleaning, making jewelries...i looooove little piles of things. perfect!

  2. grrr for some reason i cant view your photos on my work computer, and it really grates my carrot! what am i supposed to do? work?!

  3. Girlfriend, you work the full length leggings? I like. I decided next summer I'm wearing more leggings and tunics, who cares how big my butt is or isn't.

    Love the apron! I wish I could pull it off.

  4. nice tree pose :) Jamie would be impressed

  5. @krista: i'll email it! it's one of our favs around here. and meatless, too, which is a lovely change.

    @mic: i have never heard that expression and it's been running thru my head all day. loves.

    @emmy: dude, those are jeggings (yes, jean leggings) from old navy. but really they're just like a stretchy skinny jean? i really really recommend them. they're called the rockstar and are like 30 bucks and insanely comfy. also -- you could totally pull off an apron. duh.

    @l: oh, how i wish he would be. ;) i've always stood like that ever since i was little! so comfy.

  6. OMG THE APRON!!!! lol. I was like "Amy loves tea so I'll use teacups!"

    Aw, when I used to sew.... those were the days.

  7. Haha I have that apron too! Mine is martini glasses and olives. GO FIGURE!


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