Sunday, September 12, 2010

I can still wear pink, tho -- right momz?

Can you...please not interrupt us? The Rangerz are beating those damn Yanks.

cc and I may have followed some rah-ther strict gender roles this weekend (Me: picking up crazy things at yard sales -- weird old cookbooks! strange baskets! creepy politically correct puzzles from the 70's! --, baking, strolling the farmer's market, feeding-a-baby-with-my-bod. Him: assembling furniture, watching football, cookin' meat in our new smoker), but Biscuit wasn't following along.

Her weekend wardrobe consisted of a Batman shirt (oops! no pic...I'll get one next time) while her activities included prune juice burps (WHY IS SHE THE ONLY PERSON ALIVE THAT PRUNEZ DON'T DO TO HER WHAT THEY'RE...SUPPOSED TO DO HER?!) and watching baseball with dadz on our new (but old) recliner. We all remember how she doesn't like to live within a specific gender construct, right? Girl just rolls how she rolls, yo.


  1. Ain't nothing wrong with a tomboy!

  2. But look at those features! She could be wearing a shirt that says I'M A BOY and she'd still look like all girl. She's just femme!

  3. Love it. You know how you look at her and think, "Prettiest baby in the world." I think the same, and her daddy is quite handsome. Next up Amy is a picture of you and Harper watching HGTV.


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