Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just this


Guys. I really have to stop calling H every-other-name-in-the-book-but-Harper.

Sure, I guess, the Biscuit and Chesney and Chammy are okay. The real problem lies in the "Booger Butt" and "Bum Crack" and "Nutter Nut" because...not nice sounding?

And because when it's time to blow out the candle at her first birthday party (of which I'm quite certain I won't throw -- I'm nothing if not anti-social) and everyone is calling "Harper! Smile!" and she won't look at the camera, but then I sheepishly mutter "Ham Sammich Laroo Snot?" and she whips around and smiles? That will be...awkward.


  1. I've always been fascinated by the origin of words...the history behind the evolution so...chesney? chammy?? wha-aat?

    also, I think we get a pass on anything we say right now as long as the tone is right and I'm sure boogerbutt has a great inflection.

    and you HAVE to check out this post - I die for the leggings:

  2. *Covet* that black and white tank top. In Emmy size, please!

    My sisters and I all have 23897 nicknames, it's a wonder we remember our real names either.

  3. "Ham Sammich Laroo Snot!"


  4. @LVdtw - Most are our version of cockney.

    chesney aka kenny aka bald

    chammels aka alexander chamilton aka she's a real crambone aka a real hambone aka a ham when having her picture taken

    I'm surprised you didnt recognize those. :)

  5. Too funny - we are the same over here.. calling our little girl every name in the book except her own.. I actually did wonder for a period of about 2 months if she even knew her real name.

  6. I love that you paired my fave tank with a hot pink dipey. That's what I would have dressed her in if I was visiting.

    I think nicknames are great. Keep it up. It's not a problem until she gets to pre-school and introduces herself as something totally random. My parents call tell you ALL about that.

  7. Hahah so funny. Nicknames are the best! Nat actually sang "Happy Birthday Toot Monkey" on her bday. SO embarrassing. But that's the only way she knew it was all for her. I'm trying to head up the effort of NOT calling Lucy "Toots McGee", "Tooter Monkey", or "Toots". That said, your lovey names for HJ are too cute. AS IS SHE IN THAT INSANE-O CUTE PINKY PANTS.

  8. @logan: um, i think i need to hear that story?

    @nik: thank god we're not alone here. let's enroll h and lu in preschool together -- that way, they'll have a built-in friend when other kids run away from tootmonkey ferrante and buttcrackhamcake cowan after roll call.

  9. umm i used to LOVE the fuzzy bunny book harps has! i think that book made me develop a life long love for feeling and touching things.

    did that last part sound bad?

  10. P.S. do you have a cow print rug? because if you do, i am moving to your house like...tonight.


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