Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Shopping with bubz

Tony Chestnut is getting kinda unwieldy, guys. She's 18.5 pounds and semi-long and likes to flail and headbutt and lurch. So the babywearing has slowed way down. Clay still wears her in the Bjorn when we shop together, but my weak sauce back just can't take it anymore.

And so, we have entered the world of sitting-in-the-shopping-cart. Pretty much the germiest thing ever, though I do try and temper it with that sassy little jungle safari number. (I probably put it in wrong.) Of course, she grips the unprotected side handle first and licks her hand second, so...yeah. There's just so much a mama can do.

And hey, my-family-members: Doesn't she sort of look like Gram here??


  1. I think it's in the eyebrows! Too cute! mom

  2. Don't worry, thousands of kids have been in shopping carts without anything between them and the germs and they are fine.

    She is super cute!

  3. Totally - and Gram, you should be flattered because she is dahn cute!!

  4. It's ok. One day you'll be begging her to get in the shopping cart.
    It's an adventure right now!

  5. The thing about Harper is that she poses for pictures for you! I have to about do a magic show and Broadway chorus line to get the babies in my life to even hold STILL for a picture, much less pose, grin, and emote cuteness like HJ does in EVERY picture you post!

  6. @em: i think it's b/c she's obsessed with my iphone! she's totally flirting with my orange case ;)

  7. Anonymous2:51 PM

    um...yes, totally Gram

    love ya!

  8. Oh man is she cute in that thing.

    Also, just you wait until she starts recognizing everything on the shelves. Taking Lucy to the store is like .... well, taking ME to the store... we just eat everything and then end up paying for a bunch of empty boxes.

  9. Cheri H6:41 PM

    have you tried the Ergo Baby? We switched recently and it's sooooo nice & comfy. Not quite as comfy as our tricot euro trash wrap (like the Moby, only pretty!), but still quite lovely. Makes wearing baby-zilla downright pleasant.


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