Sunday, September 19, 2010

Today I:

Took the morning shift, starting at 5:50, but took a long nap to make up for it. I dreamed about hairdye and bedbugs and baby vampires. (Sidenote: the last Twilight book? IS THE SUCK.)

Chubby hands squish some cantaloupey.

Walked the farmer's mark with BabyGirl. I know I should buy produce there, always goes bad before I can use. So instead I bought a body sugar scrub that smells like Lemonheads. I'll probably sneak a bite so maybe that counts?

Went on a naked wagon ride. Well, BabyBum did. I pulled her. I think naked wagon rides should be mandatory for all those under...3.

Ate one of my pumpkin and maple cupcakes. They're okay. Still haven't nailed altitude baking yetz.

Cursed the kitchen sink for being so full of terribleness. I pinky promise myself every week it won't happen again, but it does it does.

Watched the Cowboys lose again and marveled (again) that cc has been able to do this football fanship thing for so long. Isn't it so upsetting?

Put H in the baby tub outside and watched her splash and shiver because I made the water too cold.

Wondered why they don't make more baby kneesocks? The shorties just fall off and litter my floors.

Watched the leaves turn yellow, but the air stay scorching.

Remembered all those Sunday nights dreading Monday mornings because cc flew away to different cities. And smiled big because he doesn't anymore.

What'd you do?


  1. christie5:59 PM

    I have often wondered why they don't make baby kneesocks. I would buy some. Wouldn't you? Maybe a business for us to start and make gazillions?

  2. bleached my house and ate some tater tots.

  3. Sports FYI: Most of us don't root for teams quite so consistently underachieving and frustrating as the Dallas Cowboys. Well, except those of us who followed the Red Sox before 2004.

  4. Disappointment is an unfortunate biproduct of high standards.

  5. Take more Denver nature pics? So I can live vicariously through you? Hee.

    My weekend = lots of family visiting, relaxing, bonfire and hot dogs, and house cleaning, and snuggling and fun!

  6. @christie: yes, let's get rich! i've done a ton of internets searching and have only found like 2 brands that make them. doesn't anyone care about keeping their delicate ankles warm and my floors sock-free?

    @jim: yea, i think it's just ptsd from all those sox years. is this why people are yankees fans? because it's easy?

  7. What did I do? Watch my grass burn up from the 100 degree temps on the weekend. Where is the cool fall weather? Colorado...

  8. I must have your recipe for pumpkin maple cupcakes.

  9. @em:

    cupcake recipe here:

    (it states it's originally a bread and i think it's better suited for that. however! it's tasty and very pumpkiny in a good way.)

    frosting recipe here:

    (it makes way too much -- so halve it. and maybe add a little more maple syrup then stated if you want a true maple flavor. tho i think i added too much and it jacked-up the consistency...)


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