Sunday, October 31, 2010

Harper Halloween

I haven't given a flying f about Halloween for a long, long time. Loved it as a kidperson, freezing my hands off in the brr chilly New England air. Then freshman year of college I wore an outfit made entirely of duct tape. It was all downhill after that.

But having a babybutt makes old things new again. I looked forward to today instead of dreading the never-have-cool-enough-planzness I usually feel. We walked to a fun little festival in our 'hood, then handed out candy on our stoop to cute little chilluns. It was grin central.

This butterfly grin came via me singing Glee's version of "Gold Digger."

Manjiri and me. Mama bearz unite!

Just hanging with scruffy face.

Her new favorite gesture. Drama queen much?
Let's walk home and eat can'y. K?


  1. So adorable! Hope you all had a great first Halloween as a family! :)

  2. Everyone in this family is too darn good looking.

  3. ditto with emmysuh.
    and Happy (belated) Halloween!

  4. ahhh she is backlit. love it.

  5. oh man. this is so much cute all at once; i might explode!

    p.s. i totally dig cc's glasses and the mama bear hats!

  6. christie1:14 PM

    Adorable! And are those fleece leggings? Where? How? WANT.

  7. Looks like a fun festival fall event! You all do look great, and I love Harper's costume. Curious as to what her reaction was when she looked in the mirror. Or the other little did she react?

  8. ohmygosh, too cute! Love her little costume. Totally rocked it! <3

  9. a) you guys are all way too kindz. thank you!

    b) fleece leggings (fleggings) came with the costume via old navy! luckily they're separates so she can rock them without being a butterfly. but i want more!

    c) oops forgot to show her a mirror. she would have probably licked it, tho. that's what she always does..

  10. I LOVE HER COSTUME!!! So adorbs. Y'all are actually.


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