Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Harper's a Gleek

I'm weirdly OCD purist about TV. If I miss the first season of something or an episode or whatever, I can't go on. I must start in order and stay in order. (If only I felt the same way about my kitchen?)

So because I didn't start watching Glee from day one, I haven't watched any of it since. UNTIL YESTERDAY. When disc one, season onez arrived on my doorstep and my life began.

Okay, maybe not that dramatic -- but seriously. This show was made for me. (Yeah yeah, you were right everyone in the world who told me that. But I don't really want to acknowledge it.)

Pretty sure Harper likes it, too?


  1. I am the same way with certain shows, Glee included. It's like, once I get behind by a couple of episodes, I'm like I JUST CAN'T try and catch them up and then wait until new ones and whatnot.

    I probably should just get the second season on DVD when it comes out and play catch up like you. Sadly, I'll be sans HJ to entertain me!

  2. Christie7:23 AM

    OMG. Harps has got some moves. I must eat, er, squeeze, her soon. Next trip to the Mainez? When? She is delightful and delicious.


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