Monday, October 11, 2010


Super heroes.

Yesterday marked the first day of all-day chilly weather here in Denver. In my former life, this would make me frown and roll around in misery. However! Bring it on. I'm ready for bundling up and hibernating down. Espesh when I get to get HJ into delicious things.


This one-piece amazingness my grandmother knit me as a babe, back in 1982 1992. Isn't it insanely lovely? It's got a hat and mitts and cables and pompoms and a zipper to scoop it all together! Girlfriend was so cozy she fell asleep three seconds after we pushed the stroller away from our walkway.

I like to pretend the hat I knit is even the smallest amount as cool. (It's not.)

She likes to show her love with pinches.

The full-length shot. Doesn't she look old-fashioned and edible?

I think I need to lay her down in a patch of pumpkins and then dance around in glee.


  1. ok, stop it. that level of adorableness is not only dangerous but highly illegal. shame on you and those little confined feetsies.

  2. Ahhh, we used to have one like this. You all look like freaking catalogue models. It's insane. Killing me with the cute. HOW do you all look so precious all the time?

  3. ya'll are too kind yeeeeeeesh.

    we're all just a bunch of hamz and like to work it. ;)

  4. That is a gorgeous knit baby thing! I have something similar from an aunt that my mom gave me for Bella, but it' and scary and it squeaks when you touch it. Highly flammable? I sent it to my pg sister to let her deal with the disposal. Ha!

    Also, I second emmysuh - you all DO look like Catalog models. V. pretty.

  5. Okay, I just audibly gasped when I saw the first picture.

    And then gasped louder at the second.

    And so on and so on.

    And the hat IS equally awesome.

  6. oh man, that full body shot of harps is killer. munch, munch, yum!

    and! am i totally impressed by your hat! you knit that? when is your etsy shop opening, cuz me want.

  7. Oh wow, could you FedEx her to me in that outfit please so I can give her some major hugs?

    Mallory Frye shares and office with me now and we had a five minute break to ooh and awe over the cuteness of it all. Sigh : )

  8. Wowza. That is the cutest thing EVER.

  9. That baby glow worm knit onesie/sleeping bag/gloves/hat/everything is so freaking cute. And the fact that it was once yours? EVEN CUTER (if possible). Love the hat too! I'm utterly amazed and flabbergasted at your skills and the cuteness.

  10. christie3:53 AM

    Pic #2? I die.


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