Tuesday, October 19, 2010


A major part of everyday. Except now she stands up and I pull out my hair.

Could not be more grateful/greatful for the arrival of my met-in-San-Francisco-became-very-good-frand Manjiri and her dude Naveen/Bean (and her big dude, Mike) -- not only to Denver, but now just a few blocks away. I...kinda don't like lots of people? So having her in my pocket is so lovely. Our friendship has just always been easy.

Today, we met up at the park (no geese today!) late in the afternoon, to help pass the evilz that are those witching hours. Walking/crunching through the yellow leaves, pushing our babies on the swings, talking about Liz Lemon...

Yes! Please!


  1. Yay, a good and comfortable friend! And so close! I know she will make your days much brighter!

  2. Will you pull me around in the wagon with Harper, plz? I promise I won't try to stand!


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