Sunday, October 03, 2010

Check your cigs at the door

Wrapping up quite a lovely little weekend over here.

Our good buddy Stephanie (remember when this happened? yeah, she was my midwife buddy through it all) was in town and got to meet Harps for the first time. Luckily, the little bug really took to Steph-- which is becoming a rarer thing these days. Let's just say I think she's inherited her daddy's tendency to be, uh, particular? I think that's the word.

Por ejemplo?

We all went out to an early dinner Friday night. We don't do this much anymore because our bedroom routine is sacred. But. We wanted to show Steph the Denver-at-5:00-nightlife and so we took the plunge.

First? HJ broke a plate. Second? Whenever our waitress got near, she burst into tearz. (Harper, not the waitress. Tho I think that might have come true later.) This chick had dyed-black hair and a smokes-twelve-packs-of-cigs-a-day husky voice and oh my. That combo made Jamz want to die. I mean, she'd just approach the table and Baby would start to scream. *pets* We like the natural look too, gfry.

Eventually, cc had to explain the deal before things got super awkward, taking the gothgirl aside after the drinks order.

"So our baby? She, uh, just doesn'"

(Cut to Harper batting her lashes and cooing at the drunk cougars, next table over.)

After that, the waitress would swing by super quickly without stopping: "Doeseverythingtasteokay?"

She was a good sport about it, tho I'm sure she thought we were high-maintenance freaks.

So yep.

We also did a Supermarket Sweep over at the Tsa Boutique (what I call cc's place-of-employment) because the discount is sa-weet and Steph needed some stuffs. I let H crawl the aisles and nursed her while we gave thumbs up or down over different outfits.

Sure, her shirt says 'Fun in the Sun' -- but we like to have Fun in the Retail. Same same.


  1. Clay likes his people like he likes his wine...

    Wait. How *do* you like your wine, Clay?

    And my biggest fear is that Everly will be afraid of other ppl. This is like... a big deal in my "culture" because babies are passed around & hugged on & loved on by friends & family & friends OF family 24/7... at church... at the park... at the grocery store... whatevz. Basically it's a hellish nightmare for an introverted/particular baby & would scar them for life.

    Sounds like Harpz just has good taste to me, tho!

  2. @kalen yea, it can be challenging if baby isn't in the mood to be man-handled. especially when there are special visitors who are real psyched to get some baby kisses.

    hj just started getting finicky -- it's a v typical developmental thing around 8ish months to get shy/love-mama-most, so if ms. everly gets shy for a bit, it ain't no thang. :)

  3. I was wearing legwarmers this weekend (Don't judge!) and thought of HJ.

    Is she going through seperation anxiety these days or just general particularness?

    Oops, just read your's/Kalen's comments -- yeah, sounds right about 8 months. My favourite KY baby Jack just got out of that stage!

  4. Ha yea for us eating out with a baby is like roulette! Sometimes Lucy is an absolute peach - loves the food - loves waving at people - etc. And sometimes she screams and knocks things over and pours drinks on herself and wants to hold the steak knives. She goes through phases.

    Harps is so adorable in her little outfits! INTERNET HUG.

  5. Sounds familiar... Bresho is also, um, particular? There are peeps he just.doesn'
    Glad you guys had a good weekend! xo


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