Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The week so far

H and I stepped outside yesterday and kapow! Across the street was a pot of gold.

The Bean borrowed H his Uggs. Can't deal, really.

The Aspen outside my door. The yellow leaves shake like little gold coins.


  1. oh oh, I LOVE trees with leave that shimmy/bobble/dangle in the breeze...you said it so much better than me.

    diggin' the stockings with boots. or should I say, ugg'n it?

  2. They shimmy like coins at the end of a rainbow! Because the first pic is a rainbow! Hi squirrels!

  3. Love that last description! Suddenly feel need to read a Robert Frost poem. :)

  4. I love it that you are exposing Harper to so much of the outdoors. Are those really Uggs? so cute, whatever they are. Granny upmanship...one of my friends showed me 2 teeth her 8 month old grandbaby had. What about our little girl? Any teeth, yet? I don't really care as long as she can read...:)

  5. thanks, ladies!

    @cindy: yes, they are real uggs! so comfy and soft inside...

    and funny you should ask about teef -- i need to make a teef post. she's cutting her first as i type! it's a sharp lil bugger so far...

  6. Um, can I steal that last line about the yellow leaves shaking like gold coins and use it in a poem? PLEASE?

    Seriously, I also cannot deal with those BOOTS.

  7. baby uggs! i die!

  8. Nice photos, love the colors. :)


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