Friday, October 08, 2010

Wagon dayz

My mama's in town for a few days, so I'm mostly away from the computer and Internets.

My favorite moment so far, was driving back from my (OMG SOLO) haircut and seeing mom pulling a very happy and rosy-cheeked Harper down the sidewalk in our Radio Flyer. A deelicious sight.

Happy weekend, palz!


  1. They just don't make Flyers like they use to...where are the rust spots, the bolts and screws that could pinch fingers, the low sides to help your brother sling you out on fast turns? I almost think I could fit in this; at least one leg could. She is growing so fast. Please tell your Mom hello. I will be jealous if Harper calls Judy's name first. :)

  2. that thing has cup holders! i need one!

  3. So cute. Gotta love the (grand)moms.

  4. oh the cupholders are the BEST part. it's so lux!

  5. It's those rosy cheeks! THE CHEEKS! She looks so fresh faced.


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