Sunday, October 10, 2010

Well, mom is on a plane

And it's up to me again to handle all the cloth diapers and dirty dishes and highchair-wiping-downing.

Waa waa waa.

HJ in the sweater my mom knit me as a baby. Heartstamp.

The visit only lasted a few days, but we packed in the Denvah fun. Park visits and library strolls and fabric shopping and three-generation-flu-shot-getting and pancake eating and sewing-machine-setting-upping. It was pretty awesome how quickly Biscuit took to my mom. She was 110% happy to let me leave the room or even the house as long as Gramtownz was smushing her.

Mom saying in a singsongy voice: "I have no idea what this animal is or why it's in this book!"

I loved having the company (and holy jeebz the LAUNDRY HELP -- she cleaned and folded every garment in this house) and the freedom to get my hairz cut...and/or run away for a few hours to the mountains with cc to look at fun houses and eat tacos with both hands. 

Harps loved having THREE adults fawning over her fulltime all the time. Hog heavenz.

And now we return to the regular cozy house Sunday scene. The drizzle is drizzling, the meat smoker is smoking, the leaves are leaving uh falling, and the new week is around the corner.

We love you Gramtownz/Momtownz! See you soon.


  1. um, how cute is your mom??! i love the sweater - i wish my mom had made or saved some of my baby stuff but i don't think she did.

    <3 harps = cutest smile evar.

  2. Glad you had a great visit. And I can defintely tell your mom is your mom, your eyes and smile look the same. :)

    HOW do you get that baby to cheese for the camera so?

  3. I hope you got a pic of the 3 of you! Bc i bet it's real cute how all 3 of you look like moms and daughters :)

  4. Lauren11:11 AM

    My heart = breaking with the cuteness.

  5. Good golly is H ever adorable! They are so cute together.

  6. hehe thanks, frandz :)

    @em -- i'm telling you. it's all about the iphone cover. it's orange and i make it dance and then i sing weird songs.

    @nik -- OF COURSE WE DIDN'T. dammit!

  7. We are on the same boat as you guys. It's tough not having your parents around, but you really really get value their visits (and their company). Looks like you had a great time :)


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