Thursday, November 18, 2010

We drove all over Colorado today

To the 'burbs for a playdate (and some Chick-fil-a; my sweet tea addiction is getting fierce and worrisome) and a killer mountain view.

Then home again home again jiggity jig for banana bread and a diaper change.

Then across town, dodging traffic jams and temper tans, for playgroup. Where H scooted around and ate a basketball and eventually found a cozy corner and a fancy periodical -- Beer Connoisseur. I'll probably get her a 'scrip for Christmas.

Tomorrow = chicory coffee and beignets with Manj and the Bean at a creole cafe we're trying out.

Weekend weekend weekend huzzah pants!


  1. Was going to say Harps brand beer had a nice ring to it but then realized that someone's already done that. Curses.

  2. Get her started on her beer knowledge early!!

    Pics on mountain view?

  3. Mmmm...beignets...


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