Monday, November 15, 2010

Chapel Hill: the recap

It was a lovely weekend.

We'll have to try for window seats again. She loved looking out.

Highlights included:

This fastfood joint I'd never heard tell of: Bojangles? Yes. Yes please. Chicken biscuits all over my mouth.

Early early, cold morning walks with Harper to Starbucks. Feeding her oatmeal in our corner seat.

The beautiful UNC campus complete with sparkly foliage. Made me want to get my learn on, then throw a frisbee.

Glass upon glass of sweet tea. Really really sweet tea. I may have no teeth left.

Getting her crawl on. Spent a lot of time in this little sitting area near our room.

HJ being on her best behavior all weekend long. Happy and curious and flirty and pretty sleepy too. 

Watching cc conduct the ceremony. He really did a great job. And looked cah-yoot to boot.

Stephanie's beautiful dress. Jon choking up. Their letters to each other. Love!

Hanging with friends from all over we rarely get to see. 

Dancing to MJ and eating (chocolate and then vanilla) cake while Harps slept upstairs with a sitter.

Lots and lots of help from cc. Lots and lots of just-us-three hanging and being our fav little unit.


The wedding outfit. Cruisin the scenery.

She likes to let go. Because she thinks she can walk. She can't. (Yet.)


  1. Sounds like a really lovely weekend - not to sound cheezy, but, love the way your writing really gives a feeling for a place or experience. Like, ya know, when you look at some paintings and you can just hear the ocean, smell the salt etc.

  2. It does sounds as if you had a great weekend...this Cowan family was made for traveling. I am looking forward to your next trip. The little crocheted shoes on Harper are so sweet. What size is she wearing in clothing? We have a sample shop close to my school; I would love to get her something.

  3. Girlfriend is always smiling, it seems like. Glad she was well behaved for the weekend!

  4. Last photo of Harper vs


  5. Last photo of Harper vs


  6. @lvdtw: thank you much! *blush*

    @cindy: she's wearing 12 mth stuff these days -- looking forward to seeing you too!

    @cc: omg! just saw this. no coincidence AT ALL.

  7. Wow, babyfriend looks SO big in that cute outfit. Like a little girl. So adorable. Weekends like this are the best of the best.

  8. oh, and by "girl" I mean, not a baby... I obviously know she is a girl (a girl as in not a boy).


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