Thursday, November 11, 2010

Chapel Hillz

Oh did I forget to tell you? We're flying to North Carolina today (leaving behind the snow sprinkles as they fell) for our buddies' wedding. And who will be presiding? The good, atheist Reverend Clay Cowan, of course. I always wanted to be a preacher's wife!

HJ's been a champ so far. We're laid over in Kansas Cit-ay and she's snoozing like a buttery biscuit bum in my arms. And mmm this weird choco-bran muffin cc found us is goooood.

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Have funnnnn! :)

  2. Hope the rest of the traveling goes well. Can't wait to see your pictures from the wedding. Does HJ get a dress??

  3. girl, i could've met up with you. we live 2 hours from chapel hill.


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