Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Oh, "vacation"

Ze Cowans have landed in East Texas, worse for the wear and wondering why there's no pie yet.

(Except cc. He's not thinking about pie. He's puking. I guess Harps isn't either. She still only wants mom-milk. So fine. It's just me and the pie thoughts.)

Hoping everyone out there is lots less sick than my brood and enjoys all the awesomeness of T Day tomorrow. Muah! (Air kiss. Spreads less cooties.)

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  1. Oh good Lord!!!!
    I feel terrible for your little family, since right now you are pretty much living my worst nightmare (sickness + traveling + plus staying not in your own home).
    I hope you all feel better and manage to have a nice little Thanksgiving!

  2. christie7:57 AM

    Oh dood! That sounds awful. Sad face. :( Hope you all feel better soon and have a happy turkey day!

  3. eek! sorry! feel better CClan.

  4. Yesterday could have gone better... But makes me more thankful for today? And saltines.

  5. We've been playin that game in our household too. You get sick, I get sick, we get sick. Rinse and repeat. I hope you all feel better. Happy thanksgiving!

  6. Oh, I hope you are all feeling better! So sorry for your CC. Sending super amp'd-up happy thoughts your way!


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