Monday, November 29, 2010

On (self) weaning

A rare glimpse at the new chomperz.

So I just wrote this crazy emotional post about Harper self-weaning. And then I decided eek too personal and emo.

I'll keep it simple then. My little bug has decided, 2 months ahead of my schedule, she's done with her mama's milk.

I'm real sad.

But I meditated on it for awhile this morning. And realized this is her (crazy independent whathef**k are you going to college next?!) plan and I've got to roll with it. Because that's what we do as parents, yo. Dig deep and see the forest and roll with it.

Also? She just started saying mama. I'mma make it, frands. Fo sho.


  1. :( I'm sorry, Amy. Genuinely. I'm real proud of what you did for her, and I'm real proud that she is a smart girl and knows what she wants/needs. What a knowledgeable little biscuit you've raised her to be. <3

  2. Congrats on 10 months of BFing! A LOT more than I or a lot of mamas are able to do. Know if must be hard (not to mention hormonal dangit!) to transition. *virtual offer of nice cup of tea*

  3. Ah, it must be sad to let go of that stage of your life but at least she was ready for it and not you insisting on it. I know hearing her say Mama must be a balm!

  4. Oh, mama. I'm sorry to hear that she decided to wean before you were ready. And like, LVdtw mentioned - that hormonal transition part is probably so tough. Maybe look for oxytocin on the black market. Or make it, um, naturally, by, uh...yeah.

    Anyway, thinking of you!

  5. @kalen: thanks, lady. can i message you with formula questions?? ;)

    @lvd: thank you for the kind words, mama. i virtually accept the cup of tea!! (p.g. tips?)

    @em: yeah, my mom keeps reminding me of that. weaning when they're not into it is really heart wrenching in a different way...

    @nav: omg the hormones the hormones! because it's been quick, i feel all postpartum again. weeping over 'barefoot contessa' episodes, etc. joys!! thanks for thinking of me and my boobs :) uh wait that sounds weird? and yeah -- i should probably get fancy with the hubs, eh?

  6. gladly give tips but *cringes with luddite embarrassment as sure it's something hip people know* but have no idea what 'p.g.' is? :) btw, I'm so stealing that 'get fancy' phrase.

  7. My daughter self weaned at 10 months as well. In the long run it is easier for them to make the decision than us, really. So consider yourself lucky! And I was totally sad about it too...but, and not to scare you, I soon after found out I was pregnant, which probably changed my milk and cuased her to wean ;)

  8. @mamatully: eeeek! luckily i'm now sure i'm unpreggers, but i DEF was worried since i heard milk changes! i need at least another 6 months off ;)


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