Sunday, November 07, 2010

Lil boy Harps

Rockin the boy jammz I bought on my solo Target spree (bliss!) Friday night.

We're always buying H these cute little outfits that come packaged together. It'll be, say, a cute onesie, a sassy vest, and then matching pants. Or whatev. But I never really end up putting them together when she gets dressed and it drives cc (her main clothes-purchaser) bonkers.

So today, before we left on an outing, I put her in this hilarious made-for-boyz tracksuit.

I could tell cc wanted to complain (seriously -- how role-reversed are our genders?), but couldn't because:

1) He bought it for her

2) I had put an outfit together without help


Off we go. Buying some soup bowls, drooling over Anthro dresser-pull-knobs, drinking milkshakes, pawing J.Crew sweatahs. And can I share something strange and unexpected? Harps-as-boy (who, other than looking boyish, is...the same baby) got considerably less attention than Harps-as-girl.

I don't get it! Sure, she got some smiles and waves and the usual things all babies get. But the fawning and fluttering and stuff? Not really there. Is this a thing? Baby girls are more publicly-loved than baby boys? 'Splain yourself, world.

In other news, she discovered buttered toast today. That's passion.


  1. It makes no sense. If I see a cute baby, Imma oogle and smile at it, regardless of imagined gender.

    And, I feel like I may have touched on this before, but pretty sure young HJ is more fashionable than grown up Emmy.

  2. Did she actually love the buttered toast, or did she lick the butter off? My niece LOVES to eat butter by itself. Yick.

  3. That is so strange. I start gushing over STROLLERS in anticipation of baby inside, regardless of gender. And I actually gush a lot over little boys. And boy clothes. I always want to buy the boy stuff for Lucy, but even in her girl clothes she sometimes look like a boy.... WHATEVS!

    Hearts 2 Harps.

  4. @em: just wait till you see her red mox! ;)

    @gigi: she liked the actual toast. alTHO i was baking once, and let her hold the butter. (er why?) 2 minutes later i looked over and she had eaten a quarter of a stick...

    @nikki: i love boy stuff, too! as clay says, "to make you happy, i go to the boy stuff then find the girliest thing."

  5. You know, I never noticed. I do know that everyone thinks it's more fun to dress a girl, but I find myself drooling over the boy stuff they have out now and found it fun to dress them equally.SOOO much cuter than when Sam was a babe. My 6 and 8 year old are no longer fun to dress. They have opinions. UGH! Regardless, H is beautiful and you make me laugh:)

  6. I didn't get a chance to wish her a Happy Harper Day, so here tis. Meant to comment about eye color; I always told Clay it was a long time before his eyes changed from blue to the clay color;Harper's eyes remind me of that shade when his eyes changed. But we want blue for the June bug. :)

  7. @cindy: in defense of future-harps who may read this, i'll say we don't care what color they end up!! <3


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