Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Puff puff

Complete and utter focus.

Today! Was a pretty day. My coffee came out punchy but not bitter. I ate 3 pieces of the lemon bundt cake I made yesterday. We tried a new book babies sesh at a different library branch -- led by a dude and HJ likes the dudes. We went out to Thai lunch with Uncle Lee. A long walk around the pond and watched Coco scare off the evil geesemonsterz. Lots of pre-bed manic naked crawling. Chicken pot pie. Now the brothers are on ice-cream-pick-up duty as I sit on my green couch. And tomorrow is Thursday! Which is basically the weekend, non?

Oh AND. This superlovey baby at the libe today was wearing these awesome shoe/sock things. So I asked where they were from, scampered home and ordered Harps a red pair and a gray pair. 

Hanna Andersson, I love thee. 


  1. LOLOL @ naked manic crawling.

    Sounds like my house... pre-baby.


    Love the weird little sock shoe things. Grown-up version plz?

  2. That first picture is awesome. Can I come over for chicken pot pie?

  3. PICTURE 1 IS MELTING ME. I love that girl. I love puffs! Miss you Cowans.

  4. christie12:57 PM

    Those are the best mocs evah. Wish I had known you wanted some because I think I have a few pairs floating around. I can hit the HA outlet for you, too.

  5. Anonymous1:36 PM

    They have those at target as well. they have some uber cute ones for little miss harp. i've thought about getting some for my niece.

  6. @kalen: she loses her mind (in a happy way?) around 6:30. it's insane and very nude. i want grownup versions, too. i'd wear them to fan-say dinners.

    @em and nik: photo cred to cc! and nik -- lucy and harps MUST become friends. i mean, of course they are already -- they just need to know it.

    @christie: ah yes! outlet! ah! i may have to put in an order jealous. and i'll totally i'll take any pairs you happen to have laying around plz :)


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