Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving in Texas picture overload

Hey ya'll. 

'ts been a bumpy week around here (and there) for a few different reasons, but we're home and safe and getting our bearings again. Though it probably won't go down as Our Best Week Eva, it's always good to visit family and share around the goodness that is Harps. 

Still feeling a small bit grump and I have a bowl of Italian Wedding Turkey Meatball soup-in-the-slow-cooker waiting for me, so for now I'll just leave you with a bunch of photos from our trip. Crikey, we love that bugger. 

I know so many things. So many. (And please wipe my nose?)

We turned on a fan for this one.

Real menz wear purple. (I'm IN LOVE with the shape of her dewdrop head.)
Um guys? Have you ever seen a golfball before? Amazing.
Going in for a Great-Grandad Mickey smooch. 

He had this coming his way 2 seconds later. Luscious.
Grandmom took me around in this wagon get-up. I humored her. 

How big is Harper? 

Me and Grandmomz. 
Big cousin Connelly was my favorite. I mean GUYS. I LOVE HER. 


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  2. Awww, I LOVE that open-mouthed kiss for mama! Harper is so much your little bald look-a-like! Do I spy a little handmade sump'in sump'in under that adorable blue cardi? Glad to hear you're home and resting.

    (oops, just deleted my first post -- too many typos!)

  3. Looks like the weather was nice too! Harper looks great -- hard to believe how big and old she's getting!

  4. christie7:28 AM

    She is one delicious turkey. Can't wait to see you guys SOON!!!!

  5. Italian Wedding Turkey Meatball soup = much yum. Welcome back homez. There's a reason why there are all those movies about challenging Thanksgiving travels! ;) Oh, and send recipe puh-leeze and loves the photos of the cheek nibble and abs adoring of the cuz.

  6. Anonymous12:19 PM

    Connelly loves her some Harper too. She has talked about her non-stop since you guys left. BTW, Grandaddy has told the entire planet that he kissed her...made his year!

  7. Anonymous12:21 PM

    I agree: cutest head! Seems like she got it from her g.grandpa (via a couple generations!).

  8. The patio chair pillow in the wagon? LOVE. Grandmas are always making sure the babes have somewhere soft to sit.

  9. 'Tis official: your family takes the cutest pics ever.

  10. thanks guyyyys :)

    @mandy: yep, yer AWESOME handmade shirt was the focal point of her thanksgiving outfit!

    @christie: yahoooooo!!

    @lvd: i will send you the recipe! (tho i have some changes i'd make next time..)

    @kelly: we love that connelly!! and love that mickey's bragging. too cute.

    @silence: ahha omg you're right! so the same head.

  11. ooohhhhh connelly is mason's favorite too. he's in love.


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