Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Was my first day off Twitter. Cold turkey, man. It stings.

Finished knitting one hat, powering thru the next. (Coincidence? Me think non.)

Headed out the door in my slippers. Realized it while opening the Subie door. Shrugged and got in.

Overcooked the pasta.

Got the fireplace pilot light turned on. Promptly turned the fireplace pilot light off.

Offered H her first taste of vanilla soy milk. She tongued it and then winked for more.

Battled a headache to end all headaches. It won/is winning.

Ate 5 peanut butter cups. (What oh what will I do about my eating once I stop nursing? Srsly.)

Yelled nooooooooooo when H bit me (2 new teeth grrrrr) while nursing. She laughed.

Sang Gaga.

Wrote a post consisting of Twitter-like twitters.



  1. You gotta ease yourself off - write twitterlike posts and then gradually you will forget twitter ever existed. Probably.

  2. Hey Mama, you need a day off. Why don't you come on over to a screening of "Howl" with me down at Wealthy Street Theatre? My treat! And you can wear your slippers, no prob.

  3. peanut butter cups. nom. <3

    biting while nursing. not nom. :(

  4. Sure gonna miss you on twitter! Your blog is great though so look forward to keeping up with your newseses over here. :)


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