Tuesday, November 09, 2010


 Not feeling too chatty tonight? Maybe THE SNOW THAT FELL IN BUCKETS took away my voice.

Here's what life looked like mere hours before the Evil White Stuff appeared.

(It was actually kinda cool and cozy to see. I'm just getting nervous for the months ahead. Shudder.)

Holy shi$ so serious. Wanted to show off the new mox. And her new bagel love.  

Please. No photos. Okay. Just one more.


  1. the shoes!
    the hat!
    the outfit!
    the swing!

    i die.

  2. love the bundled up look! sweet girl :) and boooo @ snow. i'm not ready.

  3. hi, it's me again... back to sneak an eyeful of your cutie little muffin. That is all.


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