Tuesday, December 28, 2010

70's sledding

Just picked up a pretty rad app (8mm) for the ifone -- makes all those vids I take look old-fashionedy. Yum!

Here's the divine Miss H sledding (on a pink blowup raft) with mummy and grammy in the front yard. Clay waved from the warm family room.


  1. Too funny! Not sure if we had pink blow up sleds in the 70's though ;) She seems to like it!

  2. Looks like fun, wish I could join. ;)

  3. Sled can do double duty as a pool float for a very petite sun bather. Harper will fit right in with Uncle Lee in about five years.

  4. I love her noises & her hat & the app effects - cute, cute, cute! We haven't gone sledding this year yet, maybe this has inspired me? We'll have to go sans Everly but it still made me miss it. There used to be a hill back home called "Cable Hill" - it was in this neighborhood that the richer people lived in. We would sneak to it through these woods that connected through a side street & go sledding down it until someone would finally call the po-po on us. They always gave us a head start. The other day I was on Fbook and saw some of my highschool friends and there were pics of them sledding Cable Hill. Made me miss it bad.

    This post didn't help, either! :)

  5. personally, I only sled on rich people hills. preferably like scrooge mcduck down a mountain of coins.


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