Friday, December 31, 2010

Chappy new yearz eve!

To another year full of rainbow stripes and rosy cheeks!

The Cowanclan has arrived home safely from the right coast -- cozy in their new sweaters and socks, under a snowy bungalow roof. The trip home was vunderful and truly relaxing (especially for mama who got caught up on lots and lots of zzzzz's.)

We returned home to piles (literally) of beautiful packages for the bugbug. Present people! You are too kind and we love you muchmuchmuch.

Excited for the year ahead. I've got lots of specific resolutions (I always try and avoid the "eat better!" ones) that I feel good about. (Including things like read - at least - 15 books by year's end and sew a sweater for Harps.)

I see 2011 as a special little year for me -- only one baby, who finally is on a pretty good schedule and not dependent on my bod for food anymore. Should Will give me some time for MeTime, which might not happen much once our family grows. (not yet not yet not yet!)

And on that note! Back to my tea and Ina ep before the other two peeps awaken.

Hope everyone has a happy and safe and cozy new years eve! Muah.


  1. Much love to the Cowan clan! I'm happy I know ya'll, excited to see what ya'll do in the next year!

  2. I recommend The Hunger Games as a good fiction book to start off with. It's a little sci-fi and I don't usually like books "like that" but it was a quick & simple read with good character development.

    See you in 2011! :D

  3. Happy New Year! Fave current author books from the last 10 years or so: John Banville's "The Unforgiven", Keri Hulme's "The Bone People", Iain Banks' "The Crow Road", and Eat, Pray, Love (Kidding!) Send yours on as I'm planning a reading binge this year too. I've just been picking authors and reading all their stuff, so need some direction! :)

  4. oops, John Banville's "The Untouchable"! :)

  5. Books I'll be reading: Improving TAKS Scores (Pretty heavy stuff, some sci-fi, too), Bridges to Strategic Reading (need more character develop.), Comprehensive Collection of Basic Skills, Social Studies and Map Skills-Grade Five. All are so compelling; I would worry about you neglecting Harper once you got past Chappter 18. :)Pleasure reading does sound good...have fun. Happy New Year.

  6. I think we need stock in Carter's Apparel. I was in the children's section of Kohl's(little girls,of coarse)and was astounded at the collection of cute, cute clothing! I did refrain, but it was so hard. The little leggings and dress she has on in this picture are darling; definitely girly girl.


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