Thursday, December 02, 2010

Cupcake baby

The house was slow to warm up today, so we were playing in some winter gear.

A front runner in the maybe-the-cutest-hat-evar contest.

Cupcake hat, knit by my aunt Mef.

Look at that cherrrrrry on top!

In other news, I really need someone to tell me something gross/immoral about Chick-fil-a, plz? Because I have a serious problem and I need to be stopped. Clay forwarded me an article about chicken McNuggs a couple months ago that uncovered they're made with...ammonia?! So that halted that addiction.

Halp me people halp!


  1. Love it! There is a seller on Etsy that makes them (I bought one for Jessica's Hannah a while back) and they're so adorable (if your readers would likey one).

    But I like this one specifically because it was made just for your baby lady. <3 I love her face.

  2. Chick-fil-a...mmmm. Maybe that they're just not organic? There is a serious addiction to them going on here in Nashville. The drive-thru lanes during lunch time actually require orange cones and employees monitoring traffic. The one in the mall gives you a free shake on Mondays if you bring in you church's Sunday bulletin...ha

  3. This was the best way EVER to start a Friday morning. Holy cuteness!
    I can't think of anything bad about Chick-fil-a. Once, when my friends took me to the mall to get my ear pierced for my birthday, I almost passed out afterwards and they gave me Chick-fil-a to revive me. Soooo....

  4. We have a Chick-fil-A in one of the locations at the campus that I work at and if you saw the people there that make it, it would just gross you out entirely and you would never eat it again. Does that help? Gross people making your chicken? Did I just make you vom a little? Sorry.
    Harper is totally adorbs in that hat tho!

  5. Those eyes. They slay me!

    I cannot tell you anything bad about Chick-fil-a, I am sorry, they are freakishly delicious!! There's nothing we can do! I'm just lucky I don't have a care because there is one within 5-10 minutes of work and I would be there everyday for lunch!

  6. ah, harpsicord, you make my day!

    chick-fil-a is maybe the most delicious thing ever. (sorry, doesn't help, i know!) i heard that the first 100 people through the door of a new chick-fil-a location get free food for a YEAR. people camp out the night before...serious stuff.

    sometimes i get mad when i really want some nugs on a sunday and chick-fil-a is closed. jesus would want us to eat yummy things on sundays too!

  7. When I was in elementary school in Florida, they'd give us Chick-Fil-A COUPONS when we did something good.... like $5 off, good job 1st grader on your spelling test! That's weird, right? Watch out, they're closed on Sundays. They don't condone working on the sabbath....

  8. Pretty cute hat if I do say so myself- and the baby in it is dahn cute too. See you soon!

  9. I LOVE that hat...and the girl in it!

    The only thing gross about Chick Fil A is that they are super strict, practically fundamentalist Christians. In Colorado, on the registers facing the cashiers, there are little placards that say THOU SHALT NOT STEAL.

    Nothing about the food, but morally that might help.

  10. haha you guys crack me up --

    @celina: it's like that here too!! total madness. i get so nervous giving my order in a speedy manner -- i always get a #1 just to avoid embarrassment.

    @meredith: ha! isn't it bizarre we had a chick-fil-a at the pheasant lane?? (i'm assuming that's the one you're talking about..) seems so random!

    @michelle: haha ew. sort of helps! i'll try and visualize!

    @mic: i ALWAYS want them for brekky sunday mornings. why they hating??

    @CH: that's so awesome. rewarding kids with fast food ha! jamie oliver gives this 2 thumbs up.

    @bevin: i love you -- you know, most peeps would see this as a positive thing...but you know me well ;)

  11. christie3:14 PM

    OMG - total photo op when you're here. Anni and Libby have cupcake hats, too. What could be more delicious than a trio of cupcake kids? Um. Nothing.

  12. This is the sweetest.

  13. Compulsive comment catch-up continues! Seriously karma is paying this girl out in awesome hats. Keep up the goodness Harps.

  14. No Chick fil a watcha macallits around here, but Harper looks scrumptious. I think I would have a serving of her!!!


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