Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I spend much of my day trying to get her the hellz away from the knobs and cords and buttons of our media center. But sometimes I just let her go at it.

(she especially grooves to the disco and/or "urban" music stations DirecTV offers...)

(on a plane early Thursday morning for Maine! Solo with the babe! yeehaw! terror!)


  1. omg, so awesome. H loves all things electronic as well. I'm pretty sure he knows how to do things with my iPhone that I've never figured out (and never will.) safe travels! wave as you fly past NY :)

  2. I find it promising that all she wants to do is turn on the Xbox. (And turn it off while someone else is playing unfortunately)

    Baby's gonna be a gamer!

  3. Amazing! I love how her head moves to the music, like she's really happy with the way she mixed that particular song.
    I also like how at one point, she tries to wrap the cord around her neck and then thinks better of it. Maybe with any luck you won't have to babyproof your house because she has some sort of innate understanding of what's dangerous and what's not. Like a superpower!

  4. Good luck traveling!

  5. I like her little wiggles. Subtle, but with purpose. ;)

  6. i'm just now getting to sit down and see this. she's the hippest! i love her candycane legs.


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