Thursday, December 09, 2010

(Do not) feed me I'm yours

Her lips! Really are that pink!

So just like she said 'no thanks!' to nursing last week, she now refuses any food via the spoon. Doh! I didn't think this would bother me, except I used to be able to shove lots of good things down her gullet without her really knowing.

Now each and every item that passes through those little rosebuds is inspected crossing-the-border style. It must touch her hands first and also be either fruit or vegetable or grains. Or drinkable yogurt. (Or formula.)

Meat? Eggs? Cheese? She will place them in her mouth and then ... spitspitspitspitspispitspitspto NO spit. Like really, mum? You really think I'd fall for that joke?

It pains me to consider the flesh of an innocent chicken.

But Harps! Fat! Delicious deliciso fattyness!

No. It's winter now, okay sure, but bikini season is rightaroundthecorner.

I think I'm dealing with a vegetarian here? Potential PETA member? No fur outfits, plz! (I'm talkin to you, MIL..)

Any tales of my-babe-hated-animal-products-but-then-suddenly-loved-them-one-day?

*makes a tofu pancake with a side of alfalfa bacon*


  1. This reminds me of the good ol days when I was a "vegetarian" and all I ate for like 6 months were "meatless corn dogs" and all my hair fell out.

    Good times.

    She's beautiful, Amy. Picky? Yes. But beautiful.

  2. Yeah, we tended towards more vegetarian stuff because the meat seemed harder to nom nom. One idea might be to dip meat in stuff. Dipping sauces make everything better.

  3. It happens to all of us eventually. Mine loved everything we ate and then one day only fruits and grains were acceptable. Now I can only get him to eat turkey dogs, chicken nuggets and garlic bologna. Yes...Boarshead garlic bologna. It is super stinky, but technically a protein. Just keep trying and she'll eventually warm up. At least she's trying!

  4. She just needs some good ol TEX-MEX with pico on the side. Send her on down. Doesn't she have the most expressive face? I love it.

  5. Agree with Celina, her face is so expressive for such a little girl. I think it's interesting because we're staring to see her face change as she gets older, you know? It's weird to me, babies have such a certain face for a while and then one day you're like, Oh...right, you're going to be a little girl before too long...

    ...that was a mini-tangent to say...she is starting to look a little more grown up in the face. Still gorgy!

  6. I just love her hot pink lips!! Too busy for food Mom!!

  7. christie3:00 PM

    Oh cuz... We have so much to discuss. Anni is pretty much a vegetarian. She will occasionally eat a chix nugget, but otherwise, animal flesh does not cross her lips. She currently survives on lime yogurt.

    And hello adorable mouth! Can't wait to get my hands on her cuteness!!

  8. @kalen: hey thanks, mama! she's a plum for sure. and yea -- i like you with short hair but uh...

    @nav: good idea! could make the meat a little smushier and tastier. num.

    @celina: garlic bologna sounds delicious ;)

    @christie: and harps on banana yogurt! we shall discuss our eating woes very shortly wootwoooot!

  9. We're still in that boat. Once in a great while I can get a chicken nugget in him, but otherwise I'm mama to a vegetarian too.

  10. a) HOLY PINK LIPS. revlon should make a color called "harper's rosebuds". i'd buy it!

    b) her expressions are awesome... like you can kind of picture these in black and white, while she wears a hat tipped to one side, and that bagel would be replaced by a cigarette, no? very mature, that harps.

    c) they always say to keep trying the things they don't like... which i thought was a crock but it works for lucy. sometimes you try twice, sometimes you try 8 billion times, but at some point she starts to like! she was chicken-only for a while, now she loves pork and beef. (HAHA I WROTE BEER)

  11. I wish I had one of those tales to tell, but the truth is my son hated meat and chicken and still hates meat and chicken (and so many more things, it would take me until the end of time to list them here). We actually think he is a vegan.
    We tried blending meat (with sweet potatoes and a bit of broth) and that worked for a while (like five minutes!!).
    Good luck with your picky eater <3


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