Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Plaid dress, as promised

Crackers. A main food group.

The only plaid photo in existence!

She'll probably rock that numba (along with her snowflake dress) over the next couple weeks. So soon you'll be sick of it.

In other news, I just saw a pair of her sweatpants on my bed and went to put them on. Because they looked really comfortable and maybe big enough?

Also, I'm drinking eggnog right now. My whole life I res-isted, but why oh why? This stuff is l-e-g-i-t.

And now! I knit. I knitnktnitnktntintktnitnktit. Holy knit am I behind on my knitting.


  1. Cuuuuuute. I like it. Not too cutesy over the top holiday fair, I hate it when people are like SANTA HAT AND SANTA BOOTS and on and on...it's seasonal and adorable.

    Everyone around me is obsessed with knitting! I just haven't caught on the craze...I guess it's because I hate the texture of yarn and can't imagine wanting to use anything I made, ha!

  2. So cute!

    We're a little sleep deprived over here (dude is on east coast time and we live in San Francisco) and while I was folding laundry yesterday had a moment where I was like, "when did I get green sweatpants?" Yup, they were his.

    It might be because all my clothes are still too small for me or because I can't see straight I'm so tired. At least I'm not the only one :)

  3. didn't you always (like always, always) have a box of stoned wheat crackers in your bag in high school? how do i remember this?

  4. P.S. didn't i always, always have a family sized bag of peanut butter m&ms in my bag?

  5. She subsisted on stoned wheat crackers! Totally true!

  6. @emmy: for some reason, that made me burst out laughing -- you don't like yarn?! do you drape yourself in cottons and nylons exclusively? i'm fascinated.

    @gigi: oh no, you're not alone, sister. good luck getting back on track...we're about to go east and lord knows what'll happen.

    @mic: ZOMG. i can't believe you remember this! *i* didn't remember this until you brought it up! i ate those things like all day everyday. and then maybe a poptart. and YOU ate peanut butter m&ms everyday and then maybe a poptart.

  7. knitting and egg nog and babies in plaid? Loves.


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