Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Some upsides

Current hormonal situation = this picture makes me weep.

Oooo eeee. Mah head is still crazytown from the rapid change in hormones (terrible, terrible word), but I'm slowly slowly adjusting. (Slowly.)

Little H is helping my fragile state by being insanely lovey. She's always affectionate and loves to be held, but is usually too busy for too much McLuvin. These past couple days tho? She'll come over and just sit on my lap and hug me for like...15 minutes??? And then smile and crawl away to eat some computer cords. I don't even know. And she understands "kiss" now, so I can say "give mama a kiss" and she'll immediately swing around and slobber me over and over. (Most used phrase in the Cowan household? "Harps, frenching is for grownups...")

And! She's (I don't want to jinx this, but whatev) finally sleeping straight through the night. Is...this a non-b'milk thing? Is...this what sleep smells/tastes like? I don't even know what to do with myself. I wake up before her and twiddle my thumbs/play a word on WWF. It's confusing.

So yeah. I'm sad, but well-rested and well-cuddled and those are pretty good tradeoffs. It's like she's giving me these little pats on the back to help me get thru it. Mah little angelzone.


  1. Well, it is a very cute photo :) She looks as if she's double-checking the math supporting Einstein's theory of relativity. Weeping ain't such a bad thing in my book.

    And Huzzah for sleeps and cuddles.

  2. Aw, how sweet of Harper to help you through your adjustment, that's very kind.

    That picture is lovely, such sweet eyelashes and expression.

    You can make it, Mama! At least you are well rested and weaning, and not exhausted AND hormonal!

  3. christie3:15 PM

    Are those her eyelashes? I can't even handle that.

  4. @christie: haha they are! why do babes always get the best lashes??


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