Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A way with words, he had

Home = finding and looking thru old yearbooks.

Aw = this dude dumped me for an older woo-man (15 to my 13) and I was saaaaaaaaad.

Awesome = knowing now he later spent our senior year trying/failing to date me.

I wish I could say that didn't fill me with tiny joy buckets. But it does. Falallalalaaaaa.


  1. With that yearbook comment, your payback happies are soooo justified!!

    My fave sweet revenge short stories: F.ScottF.'s "Bernice Bobs Her Hair", Poe's "Hopfrog", and...I'm missing one more, yours?

  2. Ha! Love this. I wish I could go back and tell Junior High Laura so many things. Like: that guy who keeps harassing you and throwing water on you and told everyone you wanted a Barbie for xmas in 7th grade and calling you a lesbian/telling everyone you are a lesbian? Yeah, he's gay and actually completely miserable right now growing up in Fargo. In other words, it's not you, it's him.

    Also- that kid FB friended me the other other day. Random! (Still kind of wanted to yell at him about the Barbie & water-throwing, though)

    Now why are you in Maine again? You didn't grow up there right?

  3. Facebook is my pal in this department. I'm from a pretty stereotypical Midwestern town, and most of them got fat. And married fat women LOL.

  4. Oh man, I obsess over old yearbooks. I also spent a little too much time just now trying to figure out the signature you were so craftily covering.
    I DO NOT MISS being thirteen.

  5. @lvd: can i have more time to think of my answer?? i'm impressed with your speed!

    @nav: holy god! i have such a similar story to that one. a time machine would be SO nice, to help out our sad, former selves. (and WHY do these people-who-were-mean-to-us friend us on the FB???)

    @meredith: w.b. that help? ;)


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