Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weekend recap

My kingdom! My kingdom.
(This buys me roughly 7 minutes on the computer.)
(Don't you love her shoulder puffs?)
(Yes, I eat a lot of Kit-Kats. And instant oatmeal.)

I was sick all weekend, so much of this was experienced in a strange and dizzy fog.

However! It was still a durn nice two days.

Long walk around the 'hood with whole fam. Swings and then feeding-the-aggro-ducks.

Open housing at a Victorian I want to eat with butter and sugar sprinkled on top.

The Bean's 2nd birthday party, complete with numz and cupcakes and Harps in a plaid dress.

A date! With a real sitter! And a super delish dinner at a hip localfood place. (And may I add that with dinner I drank something made from cardamom and cream and soda water? And that dessert was hot chocolate with almonds and pepper? And a homemade oreo that was cold and tasted like icebox cake? YES I MAY ADD.)

And then today cc took the early shift. And there was another lil birthday party. And I got a solo trip to the yarn store for bought, well, yarn. And then forced myself to grocery shop and now we have foodz for the week!

*curtsies to the crowd*

Chu have a nice coupla days?


  1. Libby4:52 AM

    Harper mess.

  2. I hibernated this weekend, twas nice, although a trifle boring at times.

    Why no pic of Harps in plaid dress?

    Love her little elfin ears, perfect for the season.

  3. request for pic of harps in plaid dress!

    ... i'm sorry you're sick! and i'm impressed by your chipperness while sick with bebe. not easy!

    ... and... i have started giving lucy my wallet for a few minutes of time - she rips money and hids credit cards. goes to show the pricelessness of a few minutes.

    hope you feel better!!!!!!

  4. oh no! feel better!

  5. no joke, i was wearing shoulder poofs myself today. i like harper's style!

  6. @libby: you're so good with a comp! we'll be home for a playdate stat.

    @other friends: i think there's a pic of the plaid dress someone else snapped...i'll try and find.


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