Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Apparently I look younger in hospitals

Okay, so first off -- WE'RE HOME!

Lala. Laaaaalalalallaa. La!

The dude is doing great. I keep telling him I haven't seen color in his face for months, but it's there today. Insane.

He's a little afraid of me because I'm on a crazy get-this-household-insanely-healthy-at-a-whole-different-level kick. I'm talking no plastic food containers, no fake sugar in any corner, all water will be filtered, we'll be drinking out of glass mason jars, not to mention the organic mostly vegetarian food/sunlight/exercise/meditation regimens I'm about to start for us all. Don't get near this bungalow unless you wanna get your heal on, yo.

But anyways -- just a couple funny things that happened at the hospital that have me scratching my ponytail still.

1) A new nurse comes in for the night shift. Visitors should leave at 8, but I never do, I always spent the night. So she looks over at me (in my baggy knit hat, knitting, ignoring her) and asks, kind of annoyed: "So...who's this?" Then was genuinely surprised when I looked up and said "His wife." Pretty sure she thought I was a sister? Street person? I don't know.

2) Another afternoon, I was walking through the hallways, pushing Harps in her stroller. A middle-aged nurse lady hustles by, giving us the up-and-down. Then: "Awwww. Aren't you such a good helper!" To me! To me! Her mom! Yes, ma'am. Yes, I AM a good helper. I'm looking for extra hours -- let me know your schedule! (Was it the pigtails?)


  1. Lad to hear Clay is home! Hope everyone has recovered from the hospital stay.

  2. So we are anti-plastic FUH-REAKS, too. I haven't made the final leap away from freezer bags & cling wrap, but I smell it coming. We also tried to eliminate all the plastic for the baby, but found it was just impossible. Even the best anti-shatter glasses for baberoos seem to shatter based on reviews I've read. So we handwash all sippy cups, etc, which always leads to more dish drama. FUN!

    Glad you are settling into homelife and away from nosy-nurse land.

    I think you should have shouted to nurse #1, "Ragamuffins find love, too!"

  3. Great news Cowan clan! Glad you're all back home.

  4. Haha, how nice of you to help this young baby lady get from place to place in her stroller, such a good helper!

    Glad CC is home and I kinda want to come live in your house of healing, please.

  5. So glad things are returning to normalcy for you. And that nurse? I will never understand the mentality of just assuming people are up to no good. Whatever.

    We're fairly anti-plastic in this house too, the whole BPA thing scared the poo right out of me after I had the babe.

  6. Oh man what is going on over there! I take a month off reading blogs and I miss so much drama!

    OK i'll probably be posting a lot of exasperated comments in the next few....


  7. Ha! I guess that's a good thing though, right?!
    Glad to hear that your man is back home and feeling better!

  8. babies havin' babies!

    i'm glad cc is on the mend! was unhealthy stuff the cause of all the probs? i ask because i ate a bag of 7-11 brand chocolate covered pretzels for lunch yesterday, and i think i need to be scared straight. also b/c i feel like cc is such a healthy, strapping lad!

    you have great skin and great skin = youngin'. i have dry, cracked skin which = old maid. except i'm married so i can't be a maid? i'm not a mom so i can't be a MILF...WHERE DO I FIT IN?

    p.s. weirdest comment eva? sorry, i'm putting off work emails. :)

  9. thx for all well wishes guys.

    in other news, highly recommend a week of on demand narcotics. push a button and nothing harshes your mellow. look into it.

  10. Glad to hear your hubs is doing better! I'm sure your little girl must be over the moon excited to have her daddy back!


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