Sunday, January 23, 2011

Prepare your eyes

The first pair of shoes she's let me apply without a total squirmfest. 

Those stripey pants have been a mainstay favorite. And now...they're flood pants. I'm frowning hard.

The inbetween layer is a pair of purple tights. Comedy gold = watching her try and pull them off, thinking they be socks. Muahaha. Ha.

(I don't know how to string sentences together anymore I think?)


  1. She's so hipster with all her patterns! Very cute, Amy.

    How is fiction class going?

  2. Vans and pumas are all I love on my kid. They're so easy to put on and so nostalgic!

  3. thanks, ladies!

    @em: i'm actually bowing out of class for this round. gots to focus my energies at home for now. :)


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