Thursday, January 27, 2011

Milk manz

It's just so dern cute!

When you go for a walk in my 'hood, you'll notice every other house or so has these little boxes on their side or front porches. Took me awhile to figure out they were for actual milk delivery from a local dairy -- and not just some strange nod-to-the-past people were doing together.

It took me a few months, but with Harper finally drinking real milk (begone, formula, begone!), I decided I'd check it out. And holy do I lurve this service. Once a week, before bedtime, I tuck my order sheet into the cooler-on-my-porch and when I wake up? A box full of this:

It's magic!

Duh-licious, all-natch milk (24-48 hours from cow-to-me!) and their own sour cream, cottage cheese, half-n-half, etc. Plus! You can order soymilk, eggs, bread, orange juice -- etc etc etc! 

It's 1955!

(Maybe minus the soymilk.)


It's lovely how these little things in life, these throwback rituals and comforts, can make things feel pretty alright. 


  1. Do they deliver to KY? Because...I want that! All natural milk, sour cremam, cottage cheese? Delicious and healthy!

  2. I'm so jealous! Yummers!

  3. That incredible, and I am so jealous! This is seriously maybe the greatest thing in the history of the world. My grandparents used to have a delivery service on the Cape, which I thought was absolutely amazing because he always brought oodles of the lemon yogurt I loved.

  4. This is so fancy and charming. Are you guys insisting on staying in your neighborhood based on this milk-delivery thing alone?

    PS - I think I'm going to go to the fishmongers today and I will pretend I'm Ina.

  5. I love it!!!!! I feel like you always find these wonderful things! So so charming.

  6. Yum. Is the cream still on the top of the milk? Ice Cream this summer!?

  7. Packaging is super cute! What a delightful little service to have access to. And you can revive all the old milkman jokes! Yeehaw!

  8. by the by, what does it say about me that my first thought was not about natural milk goodness, but wondering what the milkman wears when he delivers the milk??

  9. We will be following your lead - contact with a provider has already occurred.

  10. milkman jokes! so vintage, i loves it. however -- i won't even know if he's cute enough to joke about unless i stay up all night and peer out the window with a flashlight... (seriously considering this now).

    nice, dad -- enjoy!


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