Sunday, January 30, 2011

It was...70

And therefore, she was a bit overdressed for this wagon ride.

(But the bare feeties do give away the temp.)

Our wagon our wagon! How I missed our wagon.

It felt and smelled and tasted just like spring this weekend. Definitely a tease, as my iPhone weather thing tells me it will be 10 and snowing within a couple days. I'll pass.

This weekend zipped past much too quickly. But it didn't zip past before cc could re-upholester our dining room chairs with delicious new yellow-with-red-cherry-blossoms fabric picked out by our little family-of-3 at the Evil Empire of Joannz Fabric.

I'll take some pics soon. HGTV is calling us soon to host our own show, natch.


  1. Ah, we had warmer temperatures this weekend too, so lovely! I didn't have an adorable baby to take out in a red wagon, though.

    Come HGTV our house after you're done with yours, please? It's a lost cause but maybe you could help?

  2. Offset by the 18 degrees this AM.


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